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Researched Convicts M to R

MAC KENZIE, John Duke of Portland (1) 1807 R Endres
McAuliffe, Henry Egyptian (2) 1840 M McAuliffe
McAuliffe, Thomas Egyptian (2) 1840 M McAuliffe
McCABE, Alexander Boddingtons 1793 J Bedford
McCABE, Luke Ferguson 1829 T Sampson
McCALLUM, Daniel John I (2) 1829 K McCallum
McCANN, Mary Ann Edward 1829 P Devine
McCANN, Peter Minerva 1800 H Connor
McCARTHY, Ellen Palambam 1831 R O'Brien
McCARTHY, Humphry Hooghly 1825 R O'Brien
McCARTY, Mary Speke I 1808 M Sagse
McCUNE, John York I (2) 1831 S Muir
McDONALD, Eleanor Queen 1791 S Vincent
McDONALD, Eleanor Queen 1791 R Hurlstone
McDONALD, George Dromedary 1819 G Mulhern
McDONALD, William Surprize (2) 1794 M Sagse
McDOUGALL Elizabeth and Henry 1847 D Johnson  
McDOUGALL, Jane Elizabeth and Henry 1847 B Luke-Harris
McGARRY, Henrietta Margaret (3) 1840 D Irwin
McGINNITY, Patrick Archduke Charles 1813 J Bedford
McGUIRE, James Rolla 1803 V Blomer
McKAY, Daniel Royal Admiral 1792 V Blomer
McKENZIE, John - see Mackenzie
McKINSEY, John - see Mackenzie
McLAUGHLIN, Catherine - see Green Rolla
McLAUGHTON, Catherine-see Green Rolla
McLEOD, Isabella - see ELITIS
McLOUGHLIN, Catherine-see Green Rolla
McLOUGHLIN, William - see Meates
McMAHON, Owen Rolla 1803 P Rieksen
McMAHON, Mary Rolla 1803 J Henderson
MADDEN, Sarah - see THORNTON Broxbornebury 1814 A&J Henderson
MAGNUS, Moses Maurice V Blomer
MAHONY, Richard Asia 1831 R O'Brien
MALONE, Ellen New Grove 1835 F Waller
MANDEVILLE, Elizabeth Aeolus 1809 G Woodforth
MANN, John Camden (2) 1833 R Faulkner
MANN, William Waterloo 1833 A Hansen
MANNING, John Prince of Orange 1826 B Manning
MARKWELL, Thomas Scarborough (2) 1790 G Woodforth
MARMONT, William Countess of Harcourt (3) 1824 C Webster
MARSH, Mary Ann Britannia II 1798 M Gregory
MARSHALL, Mary Buffalo 1833 P Wheeldon
MARTIN, John Alexander 1788 B Martin
MARTIN, John Neptune 1790 J Butler
MARTIN, Mary/Margaret Neptune 1790 J Butler
MASON, Sarah Bellona 1793 M Sagse
MAY, Laurence Queen 1791 M Gregory
MEAD, Samuel Portland 1831 C Harris
MEATES, William Emily 2 1844 G Meates
MEYERS, Frederick Caledonia 1820 J Anstey
MEYERS, Judith Morley 1820 J Anstey
MILLS, Edward Atlas 1 (2) 1819 B Cole
MONNOX, John Royal George (1) 1828 J Wellard
MOORE, Tristan Atlas (2) 1802 C Hammond
MOORE, William Marquis of Huntley (3) 1830 I McFarlane
MOREH, Mary Ann -see MARSH Britannia II 1798 M Gregory
MOREY, Mary Ann - see MARSH Britannia II 1798 M Gregory
MORGAN, Edward Lloyds (1) 1833 C Webster
MORLEY, James Indefatigable 1815 E Cooper
MORTON, Henry Baring 1818 A Sargeant
MORRIS, William Recovery (1) 1819 J Gourlay
MORRISBY, James Scarborough 1788 R Fletcher
MOSS, James/John Parmelia (1) 1832 S Robinson
MOSS, William Bangalore 1850 R Roberts
MURRAY, Thomas Lord Sidmouth 1821 B Edwards
MURPHY, James Atlas I (1) 1802 K Reardon
MURPHY, John Atlas I (1) 1802 M Gregory
MURPHY, Richard - see Mahoney Asia 1831
NEALE, Roseann Asia 7 1830 T Sampson
NEALE, William Isabella 1 (2) 1822 J Henderson
NEWTON, John C Bell
NICHOLS, William Mellish 1829 R Cameron
NICHOLSON, Jean Elizabeth & Henry 1847 B Luke-Harris
NICHOLS, William Mellish 1829 R Cameron
NOBLE, John Indefatigable 1815 R Brown
NUGENT, James/John Parmelia (1) 1832 S Robinson
O'BRIEN, Margaret Lord Wellington 1820 J Gourley
O'CONNOR/S, Margaret Roslyn Castle (5) 1836 J Wellard
O'DONNELL, Hellen Speke I 1808 M Sagse
O'DONNELL, William-see McDonald Surprize (2)
OGLEVIE, John Atlas I (2) 1819 L Muir
OLDFIELD, James Morley (5) 1829 G Cook
OLDFIELD, James Morley (5) 1829 W Cook
O'MALLEY, Patrick Norfolk (3) 1832 M Carey
O'NEAL/O'NEILL, Daniel Indefatigable 1815 V Blomer
O'NEAL/O'NEILL, Sarah Northampton 1815 V Blomer
O'NEILL, James Henry Tanner 1834 J Ross
O'NEILL, William - see NEALE Isabella 1 (2) 1822 J Henderson
O'SULLIVAN, Patrick Bengal Merchant 1838 S Norris
OSBORNE, Margaret Isabella 2 1840 J Henderson
OSBOURNE, Margaret Isabella 2 1840 J Henderson
OSLINGTON, John Surry 1823 C Harris
OTTIWELL, John Alexander 1788 A Barker
PARIS, William Guildford (1) 1812 J Henderson
PARTON, John- see BERRINGER Fortune (2) 1813
PEARSON, Thomas Ganges 1797 J Paroz
PERRY, Martha/Elizabeth Lady Juliana 1790 I McFarlane
PERRY, Richard John Barry (5) 1839 J Henderson
PERRY, Samuel John Barry (4) 1836 J Henderson
PETERS, William Marquis of Hastings 1827 J Wellard
PHILLIPS, Bridget Atlas I (1) 1802 L Muir
PHILLIPS, Sara Lord Sidmouth 1823 M England
PHIPPS, Henry Phoenix I (2) 1828 E Smith
PICTON, John Countess of Harcourt (5) 1828 P & M Clarke
PIGG, Sarah Mary Ann 1791 M Gregory
PIGG, Sarah Mary Ann 1791 R Yavion
PIKE, John Perseus 1802 M Gregory
PLAYER, Thomas Baring (1) 1815 V Player
PONCHARD, Henry John Barry 1836 K Vernon
POOLE, Jane Charlotte 1788 A&J Henderson
PORTER, Richard Surprize 1790 P Rieksen
POTTS, Robert Grenada 1819 R Hurlstone
POWELL, Elizabeth Ann Numa 1834 R Sellers
POWER, Morgan Brittania (2) 1797 B Vale
POWER, Thomas Sophia 1829 R Dagge
PRICE, Elizabeth Mary (3) 1 1823 J Gourley
PRESSICK, William Moffat (2) 1836 B Pressick
PRESTON, Joseph Asia I (1) 1820 L Muir
PRICE, Ann J Gill
PRICE, Elizabeth Mary III (1) 1823 J Gourlay
PRIMMER, Charles John Ocean (1) 1816 P Johnson
PRIOR, Catherine - see FRYER Charlotte
PRITCHARD, Joseph Mermaid 1830 S Murray
PUDDY, Elizabeth - see BURBERY Fanny (2) 1833 R Sellers
PUDDY, Joseph Marquis of Huntley (2) 1828 J Wellard
PULLEY, Elizabeth - see BURBERRY Friendship II (1) 1800 V Player
PULLEY, Elizabeth Friendship II (1) 1800 J Henderson
PULLEY, Elizabeth Friendship II/Lady Penrhyn 1788 M Neilson
PULLEY, William Asia 1 (2) 1822 R McEwen
PYE, Henry Florentia (2) 1830 R Finucane
PYE, John Lady Kennaway (2) 1836 M Gregory
PYE, John Lady Kennaway (2) 1836 R Yavion
PYLES, Mary/Sarah Lady Penrhyn 1788 A Barker
QUANTOCK, George England (1) 1826 M Gregory
QUINLAND, Judith Experiment I 1804 V Blomer
QUINNELL, William Lloyds 1833 R Cameron
RADNIDGE, John Claudine 1830 A Clark
RAE/ RAY, Elizabeth - see Wre(a)y
RANKIN, Donald Henry 1823 A Clark
RANDALL, John Alexander 1788 B Martin
RAMSAY, Isabella Mary Anne 1791 L Muir
RATHBONE, Thomas Lord Lyndoch 1836 M Gregory
RAY, Elizabeth Brothers (1)  1824 B Johnson
RAY, Joseph Bussorah Merchant 1828 J Bimrose
RAYCRAFT, Mary William Pitt 1806 L Caldwell
RAYCRAFT, Mary William Pitt 1806 K Farquhar
READY, Edmond Earl St Vincent 1818 J Gourley
REDDAN, Edmond Earl St Vincent 1818 J Gourley
REDDING, Edmond Earl St Vincent 1818 J Gourley
REEVES, Ann J Gill
REYNOLDS, Edward Atlantic 1791 R Ramsay  
REYNOLDS, Richard Atlantic 1791 R Ramsay
REYNOLDS, Richard Atlantic 1791 N Simpson
RICE, Abraham C James Pattison (2) 1837 B Hagan
RICE, Eleanor Northampton 1815 J Henderson
RICHES, David Katherine Stewart Forbes 1830 N Tooth
RIDDETT, John Mew Aurora (1) 1833 D Browne
RIDGE, Richard Atlantic 1791 L Muir
RILEY, Mary Edward 1 1828 J Butler
RIMES, Elizabeth Neptune 1790 K Farquhar
RISBY, Edward Alexander 1788 R Fletcher
RISK, Jane R Williams
RIXON, James Barwell 1798 J Phillips
ROBERTS, Ann Northampton 1815 R Davidson
ROBERTSON, Jean Elizabeth & Henry 1826 G Mulhern
ROCHE, James Borodino 1828 Russ Piper
ROCK, Michael Barwell 1798 S Muir
RODKIN, Henry Lloyds (2) 1837 Helen Ellis
ROEBUCK, Joseph David Clarke 1841 G Mulhern
ROGERS, John Neptune 1790 C Polson
ROOTS, Stephen Mermaid (2) 1830 J Henderson
ROPE, Anthony Alexander 1788 V Player
ROPE, Anthony Alexander 1788 J Henderson
ROPE, Anthony Alexander 1788 M Neilson
ROURKE/RORKE, Francis Calcutta 1837 S Norris
ROWLAND, John Neptune I (2) 1820 J Bulow  
RUGG, Mary Glatton 1802 E Davis  
RUSE, James Charlotte 1788 I McFarlane
RUSSELL, Sophia Planter (2) 1839 L Thompson
RYAN, Margaret Elizabeth 1818 C Harris
RYAN, Mary Rolla 1803 J Henderson
RYAN, Michael Royal Admiral 1792 M Sagse
RYCROFT, Mary -see RAYCROFT William Pitt 1806
RYMES, Elizabeth -see RIMES

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine.

I am so happy, my dear friend, so absorbed in the exquisite sense of mere tranquil existence, that I neglect my talents. I should be incapable of drawing a single stroke at the present moment; and yet I feel that I never was a greater artist than now.

When, while the lovely valley teems with vapour around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of the impenetrable foliage of my trees, and but a few stray gleams steal into the inner sanctuary, I throw myself down among the tall grass by the trickling stream; and, as I lie close to the earth, a thousand unknown plants are noticed by me: when I hear the buzz of the little world among the stalks, and grow familiar with the countless indescribable forms of the insects and flies, then I feel the presence of the Almighty, who formed us in his own image.

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