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Researched Convicts S to Z

SABLONIERE de la, Constance Dart 1834 M Gregory
SANDFORD, James John 1831 B Perry
SANDFORD, Thomas Sarah 1837 B Perry
SANDS, Ellen Sarah & Elizabeth 1837 J Henderson
SCOTT, Harriett John Bull 1822 J Henderson
SCOTT, Sarah Elizabeth II (1) 1828 R Gaffey
SCULTHORPE, George Andromeda II (2) 1833 M Gregory
SEAGRAVE, Elizabeth Experiment 1 1804 E Crow
SEARLE, Esau Adelaide (1) 1849 G Searle  
SEARY, Elizabeth Experiment 2 1809 E Crow
SEDGER, John Minstrel (2) 1825 J Henderson
SEGER, John - see SEDGER
SELBY, Catherine -see DELANEY Rolla
SHACKLE, Elizabeth Speke I (1) 1809 J Henderson
SHANAHAN, Thomas Havering 1849 K Hefferenan
SHECKLE, Elizabeth - see SHACKLE
SHEPHARD, Ann Buffalo 1833 P White  
SHEPHERD, James Matilda 1791 A&J Henderson
SHERRINGHAM, Robert Minorca 1801 P Hesling  
SHERWOOD, Henry/Harry Hibernia (1) 1819 V Walduck
SHIPP, Elizabeth Northampton 1815 J Butler
SHRIMPTON, Richard Scarborough (2) 1790 L Muir  
SIDEBOTTOM, Abraham Isabella I (4) 1832 S Milner
SIDEBOTTOM, William Florentia 1830 S Milner  
SINGLETON, William Pitt 1793 A Clark
SINGLETON, William Pitt 1793 R Ramsay
SKEERE, Charles Maitland (1) 1840 A Roache
SMART, Thomas Lord Auckland (1) 1844 P Lydford
SMART, William Minerva I (4) 1824 J Wellard
SMITH, Elizabeth Frances and Eliza 1815 E Crow
SMITH, Elizabeth Speedy 1800 P Zirbel
SMITH, George   1833 R Brown
SMITH, John Elizabeth I (3) 1820 M Gregory
SMITH, Rosina - see HANGAN Mermaid (1) 1828 L Apsey
SMITH, Thomas 1788 I Mcfarlane
SMITH, Thomas Fortune (2) 1813 M Gregory
SMITH, Thomas Fortune (2) 1813 R Yavion
SMITH, Thomas John Fortune (2) 1813 N Simpson
SMITH, Thomas Venables England (1) 1826 R Sellers
SMITH, Thomas Venables England (1) 1826 R Simpson >
SNOOK, William Thomas Joseph Marquis of Hastings 1826 D Logue
STALKER, Duncan Maria Somes 1844 G Mulhern
STANDEN, Charles Red Rover 1831 S Vincent
STEDMAN, Henry Mermaid (2) 1830 K Reardon  
STEPHENSON, Frances Lady of the Lake 1829 V Walduck
STERLING, Sarah Britannia II 1798 R Ramsay
STERLING, Sarah Britannia II 1798 N Simpson
STERNBECK, Christian Coromandel I (1) 1802 L Muir  
STRINGALL, Nathaniel Florentia (1) 1828 F Coleman  
STUBBS, Thomas Phoenix I (1) 1822 M Gregory
STURGESS, Jeremiah Baring (2) 1819 M Thomsen
SULLIVAN, Bridget - see GREADY Surrey (6) 1831 M Sagse
SULLIVAN, Cornelius Hadlow (2) 1820 E Thompson
SULLIVAN, Mary Brothers II 1827 P Johnson
SUTTON, William Scarborough (2) 1790 K Reardon
TARLINGTON, John Matilda 1791 P Bladon
TAYLOR, Edward Anson 1844 G Mulhern
TAYLOR, Robert Somersetshire (1) 1814 P Zirbel
TEASDALE, Ann - see GEE, Hannah Lady Juliana 1790 G Woodforth
TEMPLETON, James Hercules 1 1802 R Gaffey
THOMPSON, Elizabeth Indispensible 1809 S Vincent
THOMPSON, Mary Ann Fanny II 1833 V Blomer
THOMPSON, Matthew Pearson General Hewitt 1814 L Muir  
THOMPSON, William Scarborough (1) 1788 M Gregory
THORLEY, Samuel Active 1791 S Vincent
THORN, Sarah Broxbornebury 1814 A&J Henderson
THORNE, Ann Surprize 1794 A&J Henderson
THORNTON, Sarah - see THORN Broxbornebury 1824 A&J Henderson
TIERNEY, Michael Surrey 1834 E Thompson
TIERNEY, Owen Friendship I 1788 L Muir  
TINDALL, John Indefatigable (2) 1815 N Simpson  
TISDALE, William Susan (1) 1834 N Bromley
TOMLINSON, Charlotte Numa 1834 J Henderson
TOMLINSON, John 1822 J Henderson
TOOZE, George Burrell (1) 1830 R Sellers
TOOZE, William Burrell (1) 1830 R Sellers
TRACEY, William Lady McNaughten 1835 C Hammond
TRIFFIS, James Matilda 1791 M Gregory
TROY, Patrick Providence 1811 I McFarlane
TRUDGET, Frances Lady of the Lake 1829 M Gregory
TRUDGET, Robert Royal Admiral (1) 1820 M Gregory
TURNER, Mark Scarborough (2) 1790 J Barltrop
TURNER, John Mellish 1829 R Cameron
TURNER, William Mellish 1829 R Cameron
UPTON, Thomas Neptune 1790 M Gregory
UPTON, Thomas Neptune 1790 R Yavion
VALE, William B Vale
VANE, Stephen Glatton 1803 G Woodforth
VENABLES, John Aurora 1833 R Brown
VENABLES, Thomas Smith England (1) 1826 R Sellers
VICARY, Elizabeth Britannia II 1798 C Polson
VICKERY, Elizabeth -see VICARY
VINEN, Thomas Eliza Barbara Baxter
VINER, Sarah Earl Cornwallis 1801 I McFarlane
WADE, Mary Lady Juliana 1790 H Franklin
WAIN, Stephen - see VANE
WALKER, Francis Lord Eldron 1817 J Gourlay
WALLACE, Catherine Mary Anne I (1) 1816 J Bedford
WALSH, William Atlas I (1) 1802 J Henderson
WANTLING, Benjamin Baring 1818 A Sargeant
WALSH, Mary Mariner 1825 L Mc Mahon
WALSH, Bridget - see KELLY, Bridget
WALTERS, James Mary II 1822 G Cook
WALTERS, James Mary II 1822 P Devine
WARD, James Surprize (1) 1790 I Thomson
WARDEN, Henry Georgiana 1829 G Mulhern
W(E)ARE, James Katherine Stewart Forbes 1830 K Farquhar
W(E)ARE, John Katherine Stewart Forbes 1830 K Farquhar  
W(E)ARE, George Katherine Stewart Forbes 1830 K Farquhar  
WATERS, James- see WALTERS Mary II  
WATERS, William Manlius (1) 1827 M Gibson
WATERS, Andrew Silas Susan (2) 1836 L Thompson
WATERSON, William - see Waters, William
WATSON, Ann Lady Penrhyn 1788 I McFarlane
WATSON, Sarah - see DRAPER
WATSON, William - see WATERS  
WATTERS, James - see WALTERS G Cook
WATTERS, James - see WALTERS P Devine
WATTS, Ellen John Renwick 1838 P Ward
WAY, Mary - see APPLETON, Jane
WEBB, Elizabeth Emma Eugenia 1851 S Charters
WEEKS, John Royal George (1) 1828 J Godfrey
WELLARD, William - see PETERS Marquis of Hastings 1827 J Wellard
WELLS, Martha Brothers 1824 B Murray
WELLS, Thomas Baring 1815 B Murray
WELSH, Mary Mariner 1825 L Mc Mahon
WELLS, James Fame 1817 E Cooper
WEST, Thomas Earl Cornwallis 1801 E Davis
WESTWATER, Ann Princess Charlotte (2) 1827 V Hanlon
WHIFFIN, John Phoenix 1828 J Neubecker
WHITE, John William Anson 1843 C Williamson
WHITE, Joseph Neptune I (2) 1820 J Bedford
WHITE, Laban Eliza I (2) 1822 J Bedford

WHITE, William John (1) 1827 M White
WHITTLE, William John (1) 1827 M White
WICK, Matthew Lady Feversham 1830 R Sellers
WIGHTMAN, William Hunter Waterloo (3) 1833 J Barltrop
WILBOW, James Salamander 1791 J Butler
WILD, Mathew Mangles (1) 1820 J Henderson
WILD, Rebecca Ann Norfolk/Fanny II 1832 J Ansley
WILDSON, Mary Friends 1811 V Blomer
WILKINSON, John Royal Admiral (2) 1800 N Simpson
WILLIAMS, Ann Northampton 1815 S Antcliffe
WILLIAMS, James Mount Stuart Elphinstone 1848 D Johnson
WILLIAMS, James Mount Stuart Elphinstone 1848 B Luke-Harris
WILLIAMS, Thomas Randolph 1849 G Woodforth
WILLIAMSON, George Mangles (8) 1837 I McFarlane
WINDIBANK, William Captain Cook 1833 P Wheeldon
WINTLE, Abraham Shipley (3) 1820 E Davis
WITHERINGTON, Elizabeth Minstrel (1) 1812 J Henderson
WOOD, John Admiral Gambier (2) 1811 M Gregory
WOOD, John Admiral Gambier (2) 1811 R Yavion
WOOD, John Admiral Gambier (2) 1811 L Muir
WR(E)AY, Elizabeth Brothers 1824 B Johnson
WRIGHT, Charles Captain Cook 1833 P Ward
WRIGHT, James Hindostan 1821 M Sagse
WRIGHT, John Shipley (3) 1820 R Dagge
YARDY, Richard Mary Ann II (4) 1835 M Neilson
YOUNG, William Elizabeth I (1) 1816 E Crow

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine.

I am so happy, my dear friend, so absorbed in the exquisite sense of mere tranquil existence, that I neglect my talents. I should be incapable of drawing a single stroke at the present moment; and yet I feel that I never was a greater artist than now.

When, while the lovely valley teems with vapour around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of the impenetrable foliage of my trees, and but a few stray gleams steal into the inner sanctuary, I throw myself down among the tall grass by the trickling stream; and, as I lie close to the earth, a thousand unknown plants are noticed by me: when I hear the buzz of the little world among the stalks, and grow familiar with the countless indescribable forms of the insects and flies, then I feel the presence of the Almighty, who formed us in his own image.

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