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Welcome to our Convict Connections website,
our members are researching their Convict and Colonial Heritage

Convict Connections is an Interest Group of the Genealogical Society of Queensland Inc.

  • Convict Connections offers members of GSQ assistance with their convict and colonial research
  • Subscription to our newsletter allows anyone to add their convicts to our database
  • We raise funds to purchase relevant resources to add to the GSQ library



Convict Connections meetings are held every second month at the GSQ Research Centre, 25 Stackpole St, Wishart, 4122.


GSQ has a comprehensive collection of resources relevant to the convict and colonial era.


Our 40 page newsletter is published in February, June and October and is available by post or as a PDF.


We have included articles which may be of interest. Further articles will be added periodically.

George - A Moreton Bay Convict Story


This delightful little book is the true story of George Barnett, a convict who was sent to the Moreton Bay Penal Settlement to serve seven years for stealing pigs in England.

Authors and illustrators, James and Rebecca Robins, in relating the story to young primary school aged children, have effectively simplified the process of sentenc-ing convicts and sending them to hulks to await transportation.

The illustrations by James Robins are historically correct and they suitably en-hance a story not readily available to educate young children about Australia's convict past.

Recommended by Convict Connections.

Click here for details.

Alphabetical List of Ships

Ticket Of Proof

Convict Connections have put together a list of the convict ships and their arrival dates to assist in verifying information for Ticket-of-Proof certificates issued to descendants of convicts.

This list contains: Ships name / Departure from... / Arrival date / Destination

This list will assist researchers in clarifying any confusion that may arise from finding some ships with the same name, and those that are recorded as having made more than one voyage - a comprehensive, simple alphabetical listing of all ships used in the transportation of convicts to Australia.

Click here for details.

Ticket Of Proof & Certificates Of Kinship

Ticket Of Proof

Ticket-of-Proof certificates are available to any person who can prove descent from a convict. Additional Tickets-of-Proof can be obtained for family members once descent has been satisfied by our Officer of Claims.

Contact us for for further details.

Certificates of Kinship are available to any person who can prove an ancestral link to a convict – eg your ancestor may have been the brother or sister of a convict, or have a link through a marriage. In effect, kinship can be defined as having "a convict by association". (For further queries please email.)

Tracing your ancestry flowchart

Ancestry flowchart

Convict Connections has included a flowchart that can be utilised by genealogists as they go through the process of tracing their ancestors.

There is also a list of obstacles that most researches face. Click here for details.

Convict Connection meetings

The Convict Connection group meets on the 2nd Sunday of each second month to share and exchange research information, which all members have found to be extremely beneficial. We also raise funds to purchase new records relating to convict research, including books, microfiche, microfilm and CD's – which are available for the use of all GSQ members.

Members also post findings of their research on this website on the 'Members Convicts' page and may be contacted direct (via their email) or via the Convict Connections email.

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